KVT & FOA Scholarship Recipients

Kanawha Valley Track and Field Officials Association
Scholarship Recipients

(Grand total to date $85,000 in 26 yrs.)


Megan Bailey from Capital HS to WVSU

Evan T. Jarrett from Poca HS to WVU
Lindsey McCoy from Sissonville HS to UC
James Bryer McPherson from Hurricane HS to UC
Isabella Robinson from Winfield HS to Marshall


Grace Henley from St. Albans HS to West Liberty State Uni.
Shannon Riley from Winfield HS to Murray State Uni.
Katelyn Ragan from Poca HS to Virginia Tech
Olivia Naylor from Herbert Hoover to WVU

Alexis Stricklen from Sissonville HS to WVU
Haley Snodgrass from Capital HS to UC
Carly Hinkle from Winfield HS to U. of Kentucky

Olivia Gandee from Herbert Hoover HS to WVU
Rachel Martin from Buffalo HS to Ohio University
Tristan Slater from Capital HS to University of Tennessee

Emilee Henry from Herbert Hoover HS to Concord State Uni.
Sydney Hancock from Winfield HS to WVU
LaChelle Guinn from Nitro HS to West Liberty State Uni.

Edmond Harvey from Capital HS to Fairmont
Alysha Humbles from Capital HS to Marshall

Davon Tyson from Capital HS to Shepherd
Drake Seccurro from Hurricane HS to Marshall

Bethany Drury from St. Albans HS to Marshall
Alicia Hinshaw from Hurricane HS to WVU
Keiffer Reed from Charleston Catholic HS to Slippery Rock

Jessie Boardman from St. Albans HS to West Liberty
Erica Walker from Herbert Hoover HS to WV Wesleyan

Donavan Reed from Charleston Catholic HS to Bethany College
Andrew Bailey from St. Albans HS to Morehead State
Alexandria Dent from George Washington HS to WVU

Donovan Reed from Charleston Catholic to Bethany College
Andy Bailey from St. Albans HS to Morehead State University
Alexandria Dent from George Washington to WVU

Nora Sheridan from Charleston Catholic HS
Sean Cantrell from Capital HS

Micah Osborne from Winfield HS
Brian Lee from St. Albans HS
Stacy Drury from St. Albans HS

Brittany Fink from Capital HS
Christy Edwards from St. Albans HS

Tracy Dawn Britt from Winfield HS
Daniel White from Capital HS
Ian Ingraham from Winfield HS
Kelly Puterbaugh from Winfield HS

Emily Beth Henley from Winfield HS
Marianne Siders from Riverside HS
Phillip Anderson II from Herbert Hoover HS
Lindsay Dawson Winfield HS
Jennifer Povick from Winfield HS

Alethea Kister from Sissonville HS
Cristopher Johnson from St. Albans HS
Ryan Posey from Winfield Hs
Barrie Newberger from Winfield HS
Emily Facemyer from Sissonville HS
Tracy Fabian from Sissonville HS
Brent Jarrell from St. Albans

Michele McGinnis from Winfield HS
Annie Schuerger from Charleston Catholic HS
Chris Walsh from George Washington HS
Stephen Caldwell from Hurricane HS
Stefan Page from Capital HS
Jennifer Stalnaker from Hurricane HS
Kallie Cart from Buffalo HS

Terris Baldwin from Riverside HS
Anthony Gregory from Hurricane HS
Patrick Stewart from Hurricane HS
Marl Ballard from George Washington HS
Donald Kautz from South Charleston HS
Martha Woodrum from Capital HS

Carrie Cantrell from Capital HS
Travis Lett from Poca HS
Erica Reese from Capital HS
Leah Reed from Hurricane HS
Laine Lord from George Washington HS
Megan Schuerger from Charleston Catholic HS

Jason Beneker from Nitro HS
Jessica Fisher from Winfield HS
Thomas Moorman from Capital HS
Amanda Criner from Buffalo HS
Brooke Keys from Winfield HS
Kristin Smith from Hurricane HS

Leigh Brazeau from Winfield HS
John Caserta from Poca HS
Zenobia Wadia from George Washington HS
Larahn Davis from Capital HS

Chris Smith from Dupont HS
Jason Redman from Poca HS

Lisa Landin from Hurricane HS
John Toney from Buffalo HS

Sara Pritt from Winfield HS
David Briscoe from Winfield HS